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When we talk about a dynamic website or a webportal, traditional CMS Platforms provides only dynamic content facility. Sangraha manages the complete website layout along with the content. That means, the complete website or a web-portal is made dynamic in real terms, with Sangraha.

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Dynamic Tool

Sangraha not just manages content, but it also manages the complete website layout. That means, the complete website/web-portal is made dynamic in real terms, with Sangraha.

Rich Component Library

Feature rich components designed as per the industry standard requirement. All the components can be easily customised and that too without touching (manually editing) the code. All the components are already QC Passed for responsiveness & compatibility.

HTML Editor

The Sangraha includes a powerful rich text editor to create your web pages. Easily add and manage images and other multimedia in your web-pages and schedule your publishing.

Third Party Integration

Option to integrate / configure CSS & Java Script if required. Third party integrations such as Internet Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway, APIs, Google Analytics, Push notifications etc can be easily done.

Drag and Drop

Component based template designer. Easy drag and drop design from a rich library of web components. Creating categories, sub-categories, sub-sub-categories at simple clicks. Complete control and flexibility over your website design. Change it at your will..

SEO Tools

Create and manage your keywords in sets. Make your content easily navigable with use of tags. Standard SEO management can be done while updating the content for respective web-pages. Option to define the Meta Tags for keywords, description. Customised URL & Page Title can be assigned to every single web-page.

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