Get more done with Sangraha 9.0

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Get more done with
Sangraha 9.0


Sangraha produces high-quality, highly customised web sites supporting a diverse range of requirements and illustrations. The new version not only offers users a rich experience in producing their own websites, it also provides highly device independent mobile websites on a click of a mouse.

In this release, our team has included true best-of-breed applications, building on previous successes (Sangraha 6.x and 7.x) to deliver significantly new benefits to the users and contents writers in terms of mobile friendly websites, including improved and easy to use workflow, intuitive user interfaces and reduced implementation times. The technological enhancements include drag and drop facility to design the pages and easy and fast workflow to publish the contents.

Sangraha 8.0 includes a number of tools and pre-build templates for configuring the look and feel of the web sites. Pick and choose templates, choosing colour schemes make it extremely easy yet powerful publishing platform. The platform is a web publishing platform and is the base for all of our websites and partners applications.